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Johannes Petrowisch

Johannes Petrowisch is Managing Director of COPA-DATA Central Eastern Europe & Middle East (CEE/ME) and responsible for 30+ countries. He holds a degree in business and information management from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Johannes is part of the COPA-DATA group since 2012 and spent the first seven years at COPA-DATA Headquarters overseeing the global partner ecosystem and the development of the business fields within IIoT, smart factories and smart cities.

Johannes Petrowisch

    Articles by Johannes Petrowisch

    Industrial AI begins: Curse or blessing?

    By Johannes Petrowisch

    Johannes Petrowisch takes a look at the current potential of AI in the manufacturing industry.

    MTP revolutionizing industries

    By Johannes Petrowisch

    All you need to know about modular production and how the manufacturer-independent standard, Module Type Package (MTP), is revolutionizing industries.

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