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Alan Binning

Alan left the company, but we still like his opinion and articles. :-)

Alan Binning

    Articles by Alan Binning

    Solving issues with grid flexibility

    By Alan Binning

    Let's take a look why improvements in technology and growth in power electronics on the grid has brought DC back into the race against AC.

    Battery storage for zero emission cities

    By Alan Binning

    ‘Range anxiety’ is a term coined to describe the worry of getting ‘stranded due to power loss’ when driving an electric vehicle (EV). How can battery storage make EVs feasible for public transport?

    Integrating bioenergy into smart grids

    By Alan Binning

    Let's examine the potential of bioenergy generation and why, to integrate this valuable energy source into the smart grid, intelligent technology is essential.

    Predictive analytics for food production

    By Alan Binning

    Unexpected downtime is one of the biggest threats to revenue in manufacturing. For those in the food and beverage sector, this risk is amplified by the reliance on perishable goods for production.

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