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Christoph Dorigatti

Christoph Dorigatti is Vice President Global Business Development at COPA-DATA Headquarters. With over fifteen years of experience in international sales and business development, he is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the global growth strategy of the COPA-DATA Group. His mission is to empower customers and partners to manage complexity with ease with the zenon software platform. With his talented team of business development managers and sales engineers he delivers powerful SCADA, HMI and IIoT solutions that enable smart grids, smart manufacturing, modular production, smart city solutions, big data, and more to various industries, such as life sciences, energy, automotive, manufacturing, and food and beverage.

Christoph Dorigatti

    Articles by Christoph Dorigatti

    How energy data management supports sustainability

    By Christoph Dorigatti

    Christoph Dorigatti explains how energy data management systems (EDMS) are critical to complying with EU sustainability reporting requirements.

    Davos 2024 review: Time for dialogue — and action

    By Christoph Dorigatti

    Christoph Dorigatti attends the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos to discuss the twin transition, AI and the advantages of intellectual exchange.

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