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Mark Clemens

Mark Clemens has been part of the COPA-DATA HQ customer services team since 2002. In his role as Connectivity Architect & Security Strategist, he is also a product owner for connectivity topics. As an expert for cybersecurity, he contributes to the security of the zenon software platform. Mark Clemens is actively involved with the ongoing development of sustainability standards support in zenon, including OCPP.

Mark Clemens

    Articles by Mark Clemens

    The Shifting vision of a smart factory

    By Mark Clemens

    Today, our understanding of the “Smart Factory” is unequivocally linked with AI. This is different to of the first visions of. What became of these early visions? And where are we today?

    Who's in charge? Talking about EV connectivity

    By Mark Clemens

    What happens when you make the physical connection between your electrical vehicle (EV) and a charging station to start charging your vehicle?

    On standards in communication

    By Mark Clemens

    We are born into this world with the capability to comprehend and understand standards – without even understanding what a standards is.

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