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Targeting CO2 neutrality

Today´s Food & Beverage industry is focused on transformation more than ever. Working with global companies and local heroes in this field, we identified three major drivers of their transformation: innovation, digitalization and sustainability. This time, I’d like to tell you the story of our customer who targets CO2 neutrality in their production sites with zenon because they know that “there’s no planet B”.


For decades we have seen leading manufacturers in the Food & Beverage industry embracing a vision of sustainability. Alongside the financial success of their business, they continuously improve their social and environmental impact. Over this period, the context has changed dramatically: we all know that our planet faces the challenge of global warming, that humans have created this situation, and we are putting the next generations at risk.

Mike Berners-Lee entitled his book simply, but emotionally: "There is no Planet B"– a book we warmly recommend. The world’s concentrated effort is essential to reach the goal of Net Zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. A global coalition of 130 countries driven by United Nations aims to limit global warming to 1.5 °C in order to conserve a liveable climate for everyone.

Increasing numbers of Food & Beverage industrial producers are fully committed to SMART carbon neutrality goals. Watch this video to see a real-world example of how a sustainability initiative can drive transformation and why zenon plays a key enabling role:


What we can learn from this best-practice example

We can easily recognize the elements of an agile approach. Step by step, the project team moved forward with the solution implementation. The first savings in terms of energy consumption fueled the trust in further achievements. People realized that, instead of being occupied with manual data collection, they could win back time to analyze trusted data that has been collected automatically by zenon and take optimization actions based on it. It is a key moment when process professionals can enjoy the role of data scientists in energy management. Their creativity in freely combining data from different sources is essential for later accelerating the entire transformation process.




The story you saw in the video demonstrates how innovation and digitalization come together to boost sustainability.

You can see here how zenon empowers people for process innovation and improvements.

Or read more about how zenon can enable your digital transformation here.

The transformation journey is an opportunity to create new ideas. It should be possible for great ideas to be easily put into practice, validated and transformed into real benefits.

Technology must fit perfectly within the agile project management. The zenon software platform helps project teams to take ownership of their endeavors by ensuring diminished risk, benefits at every step and great flexibility for the future.


Start now, iterate, accelerate

The trail of transformation towards carbon neutrality is a little like climbing a mountain. You plot and walk your path, step by step. What does this mean when implementing an energy data management system with zenon? You can collect data from all relevant sources, then visualize and understand it. This enables you to start correlating different aspects, such as efficiency, consumption, or energy demands during non-productive equipment periods. You provide real-time intelligence that helps operators to avoid critical situations. Plus, you learn how to focus maximum impact by using advanced reporting tools. Your colleagues have access to the information they need to profitably contribute to overall improvement efforts.


Have you got even more ideas for sustainability? Of course, zenon will support you to further integrate your solution across the entire plant. Supervise your utilities, monitor your photovoltaic cells and automate your buildings. Transformation belongs to the people who lead it and, as your software technology, zenon is a highly successful, proven enabler.




Transformation towards your vision of sustainability can be represented as a journey towards the peak of a mountain. You may not reach the summit, but every step of the ascent is very important.


What are your newest challenges? How can we help you accelerate your ascent of the transformation mountain? How can zenon help you in different areas of your manufacturing plant?

Making your life easier is our mission, together with our partner community and local representatives around the world.

I invite you to contact us, so we talk together.


Simply drop me an e-mail or find me on LinkedIn.

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