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Stefan Hufnagl

Industrial automation is the central focus of Stefan's professional career. After working as an application engineer for several years, stages in innovation and product management followed. Stefan has been part of the COPA-DATA team since 2013. As a member of the Energy Industry Team, he deals intensively and openly with the trends and challenges in this industry.

Stefan Hufnagl

    Articles by Stefan Hufnagl

    Navigating global energy dynamics

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    Stefan Hufnagl explores the many complex factors that shape the dynamic and evolving global energy landscape.

    Effective operations and monitoring of distributed energy resources

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    Stefan Hufnagl explores how digital solutions are integral for operation and monitoring of distributed energy resources (DERs).

    New energy communities with virtual power plants

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    Stefan Hufnagl explores Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and their potential to support the energy grids of the future.

    Compensating volatile supply from renewable sources

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    Stefan Hufnagl explains why using batteries to store energy on a large scale could help create a more economic and environmentally friendly energy grid.

    Next generation substations

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    What does the future substation look like? Stefan Hufnagl explains why standardizing communication is essential for the future of the energy grid.

    Setting new substation standards

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    Stefan Hufnagl, Energy Industry Specialist, explores why the IEC 61850 standard is so important, and how substation operations can sustainably benefit.

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