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Melting Blog: Business Insights

What's trending in the world of digitalization and automation? The COPA-DATA blog about the fusion of OT and IT with zenon.

    Bullshit Bingo 4.0

    By Stefan Reuther

    Stefan Reuther reflects on the past hype surrounding Industry 4.0, and examines where it could all lead next.

    SCADA is dead, or is it?

    By Stefan Reuther

    Stefan Reuther explores the role modern SCADA systems play in helping manufacturers achieve Industry 4.0 goals.

    WEF recap: Industry’s role in addressing global challenges

    By Stefan Reuther

    Stefan Reuther reflects on the World Economic Forum (WEF) and examines how we in industry can manage the symptoms of today’s global challenges.

    How industry can attract young engineers

    By Martyn Williams

    Martyn Williams, managing director of COPA-DATA UK, explains how the latest industrial technologies can make engineering jobs more attractive.

    New energy communities with virtual power plants

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    Stefan Hufnagl explores Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and their potential to support the energy grids of the future.

    Embracing IoT independence

    By Stefan Reuther

    Stefan Reuther explains how businesses can choose an effective IoT platform, and why operational technology might hold the best solution.

    What other industries can learn from pharmaceutical manufacturing

    By Alexandra Hughes

    Alexandra Hughes discusses what other industries can learn from how pharmaceutical manufacturers ensure compliance and quality with a data driven approach.

    If you can’t think outside of the box — get rid of the box

    By Stefan Reuther

    Stefan Reuther explains how a software-based approach can eliminate manufacturers‘ dependency on hardware, in light of lengthy PLC lead-times.

    Tackle the Future Challenges of Fabrication and Assembly

    By Thomas Feßl

    How implementing a line execution system can help to tackle some of the major challenges involved in production line manufacturing.

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