Melting Blog: Business Insights (3)

What's trending in the world of digitalization and automation? The COPA-DATA blog about the fusion of OT and IT with zenon.

    Secure in the knowledge

    By Reinhard Mayr

    When managing security remotely, knowledge is power. Let's explore how automation software is vital for protecting the security of previously-isolated systems.

    Sustaining the new normal

    By Martyn Williams

    Lets take a look at how manufacturers can positively adapt to resuming the new normal after the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Improving resilience with industrial automation

    By Stefan Reuther

    Let's explore how industrial software can help manufacturers stay resilient during times of crisis.

    How mature is your digital plant?

    By Giuseppe Menin

    Along the Digital Plant Maturity Model Giuseppe Menin, Industry Manager Pharmaceutical at COPA-DATA, gives his advice to master digital pharma plants.

    How can manufacturers achieve complete plant automation?

    By Martyn Williams

    Let's look into the topic of complete plant automation and whether this is feasible for most manufacturers.

    The industrial automation trends making waves in manufacturing

    By Stefan Reuther

    The automation of manufacturing processes is at a turning point. Manufacturers have increasingly been encouraged to invest in new technologies, with automation as a key technological driver.

    Automotive manufacturing: Improving the improved

    By Stefan Reuther

    How can automotive manufacturers continue to improve their processes? Let's look into how Just in Sequence (JIS) production can help.

    The end game of the automation pyramid

    By Stefan Reuther

    Let's see why IT/OT convergence will lead to the collapse of the automation pyramid.

    Predictive analytics for food production

    By Alan Binning

    Unexpected downtime is one of the biggest threats to revenue in manufacturing. For those in the food and beverage sector, this risk is amplified by the reliance on perishable goods for production.

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