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What's trending in the world of digitalization and automation? The COPA-DATA blog about the fusion of OT and IT with zenon.

    The diversification dilemma

    By Martyn Williams

    The ability to diversify product offerings can provide a serious competitive advantage, but why are so many manufacturers struggling to adapt? 

    Keeping the lights on

    By Jürgen Resch

    Jürgen Resch, Energy and Infrastructure Industry Manager at COPA-DATA, investigates why stable renewable grid integration is crucial for Europe.

    A modular approach for pharma preparation area

    By Giuseppe Menin

    Giuseppe Menin, Industry Manager Pharmaceutical at COPA-DATA, explains why modular production is crucial for enabling more flexible pharmaceutical production.

    Reusing screens and symbols

    By Gero Gruber

    Discover how you can make your work easier with symbols and screens by replacing links and indices, and by using Faceplates and limit values.

    Technology to transform the capture and processing of drug safety data

    By Alexandra Hughes

    Let's explore why industrial software is critical to achieving the goal of pharmacovigilance.

    A simpler way to merge IT and OT

    By Stefan Reuther

    Stefan Reuther, chief sales officer at COPA-DATA, explains how industrial software is able to link ageing OT systems with new IT technologies.

    Are wind farm communications where they need to be?

    By Garry Forfar

    Let's take a look why accurate communication of data is essential for the grid to primarily run on renewable energy sources.

    The building blocks to a secure network

    By Reinhard Mayr

    Reinhard Mayr, Head of Information Security, explains, why building a secure architecture in your plant is key for securing digital processes.

    Solving issues with grid flexibility

    By Alan Binning

    Let's take a look why improvements in technology and growth in power electronics on the grid has brought DC back into the race against AC.

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