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Melting Blog

What's trending in the world of digitalization and automation? The COPA-DATA blog about the fusion of OT and IT with zenon.

    How industry can attract young engineers

    By Martyn Williams

    Martyn Williams, managing director of COPA-DATA UK, explains how the latest industrial technologies can make engineering jobs more attractive.

    Plug and produce integration for single use bioreactors

    By Giuseppe Menin

    Giuseppe Menin explains why software will be essential in helping the pharmaceutical industry embrace modular production even with single use bioreactors.

    The need for OT-centric cyber security strategies

    By Reinhard Mayr

    Cyber security is consistently hailed as a top global concern for governments, individuals and businesses alike. However, most rhetoric on the subject focuses on securing IT, rather than OT.

    New energy communities with virtual power plants

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    Stefan Hufnagl explores Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) and their potential to support the energy grids of the future.

    Digital twin for the win

    By Reinhard Mayr

    Reinhard Mayr explains how using a digital twin that is controlled by automation software to simulate machine behaviour can offer operational gains.

    Prevent costly downtime

    By Bernd Wimmer

    In automotive production, cars pass through untold, well-tuned stations. Thanks to compatibility, terminals don’t have to run the same zenon version for it.

    Embracing IoT independence

    By Stefan Reuther

    Stefan Reuther explains how businesses can choose an effective IoT platform, and why operational technology might hold the best solution.

    Load management technology crucial for Britain’s energy future

    By Martyn Williams

    The energy grid’s challenge is not wholly a capacity issue, but a technology issue. Here, Martyn Williams of COPA-DATA explains.

    Load flow analysis for substation management

    By Jürgen Resch

    Jürgen Resch, Industry Manager for Energy and Infrastructure explains why load flow data is key for grid operations.

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