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What's trending in the world of digitalization and automation? The COPA-DATA blog about the fusion of OT and IT with zenon.

Solving issues with grid flexibility

By Alan Binning

Let's take a look why improvements in technology and growth in power electronics on the grid has brought DC back into the race against AC.

Shifting from systems to a service-oriented architecture

By Giuseppe Menin

Let me try to explain why digital integration in pharmaceutical manufacturing must evolve to keep pace with ongoing development.

Six steps to the connected factory

By Stefan Reuther

Stefan Reuther, CSO at COPA-DATA, points out six steps to the connected factory for achieving digitalization in manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical automation trends for 2021

By Giuseppe Menin

Giuseppe Menin, Industry Manager Pharmaceutical at COPA-DATA, gives his three predictions for pharmaceutical manufacturing in 2021.

Technology for energy resilience

By Jürgen Resch

Jürgen Resch, Industry Manager for Energy at COPA-DATA, explains, how to use technology and predictive maintenance to improve resilience to power failures.

A step away from VPN

By Garry Forfar

Let's discuss why the energy industry is looking for alternatives for VPN and why they cannot offer the scale of required protection needed against today’s complex environment.

Weak links in smart factories

By Reinhard Mayr

Security expert Reinhard Mayr explains, why asset management is critical for ensuring security in industrial infrastructure and production plants.

How to manage projects centrally

By Gero Gruber

How can centralized management be optimized with the aid of data types, symbols, links and Smart Objects and Smart Object Templates.

Manufacturing’s great planning crisis

By Martyn Williams

Let's take a look why, to capitalise on the wealth of data available, planners in manufacturing need data analysis tools that are fit for purpose.