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Melting Blog: Energy & Infrastructure (3)

What's trending in the world of digitalization and automation? The COPA-DATA blog about the fusion of OT and IT with zenon.

    Riding the wave of tidal energy

    By Garry Forfar

    Generating three terawatts of energy a day, tidal power truly is colossal. Yet, compared to other renewable methods, it has yet to make an impact. Let's take a look why!

    Serial communication to TCP/IP

    By Jürgen Resch

    Let's take a look why manufacturers should move their information systems from serial communication to TCP/IP.

    Battery storage for zero emission cities

    By Alan Binning

    ‘Range anxiety’ is a term coined to describe the worry of getting ‘stranded due to power loss’ when driving an electric vehicle (EV). How can battery storage make EVs feasible for public transport?

    Could coal mines solve Britain’s energy crisis?

    By Garry Forfar

    Let's take a look at the Seaham Garden Village project and how industrial automation software could be critical to supporting the success of similar projects.

    Integrating bioenergy into smart grids

    By Alan Binning

    Let's examine the potential of bioenergy generation and why, to integrate this valuable energy source into the smart grid, intelligent technology is essential.

    Situational awareness in substations

    By Jürgen Resch

    Let's explore the challenge of data blind spots for substation operators and how technology can be used to gain greater situational awareness.

    Green hydrogen on the grid

    By Garry Forfar

    Offshore wind is rapidly emerging as a key potential power source for the production of green hydrogen. Let's look into the complex future of green hydrogen.

    IEC 62351: Secure communication in the energy industry

    By Jürgen Resch

    Let's look into the importance of end-to-end secure communications in the energy sector and the need for the IEC 62351 standard.

    Energy trends for 2019

    By Jürgen Resch

    Let's try to forecast the key trends for energy in 2019, which will reaffirm Europe's position in the global renewable energy market.

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