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Melting Blog: Energy & Infrastructure (4)

What's trending in the world of digitalization and automation? The COPA-DATA blog about the fusion of OT and IT with zenon.

    Green hydrogen on the grid

    By Garry Forfar

    Offshore wind is rapidly emerging as a key potential power source for the production of green hydrogen. Let's look into the complex future of green hydrogen.

    IEC 62351: Secure communication in the energy industry

    By Jürgen Resch

    Let's look into the importance of end-to-end secure communications in the energy sector and the need for the IEC 62351 standard.

    Energy trends for 2019

    By Jürgen Resch

    Let's try to forecast the key trends for energy in 2019, which will reaffirm Europe's position in the global renewable energy market.

    Tightening IoT security with software

    By Martyn Williams

    Let's see how software is playing an important role in securing networks of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in the energy industry.

    The growing need to store excess energy

    By Jürgen Resch

    Let's see why energy storage isn’t just for those rechargeable household AA batteries.

    Combining distributed systems

    By Martyn Williams

    Many renewable energy generation sites, like solar PV and wind farms, are distributed across a wide geographical scope and are therefore more difficult to manage without sophisticated software.

    Managing and maintaining hydro-electric plants

    By Jürgen Resch

    Globally, humans have been taking advantage of hydro-electric power for centuries, but with increasing pressure to meet renewable energy targets, perhaps it is time that the world invested further.

    GIS for the energy industry

    By Martyn Williams

    Becoming smarter through real-time GIS and information. Learn how the world’s energy industry is becoming smarter, using real-time GIS.

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