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Melting Blog

What's trending in the world of digitalization and automation? The COPA-DATA blog about the fusion of OT and IT with zenon.

    How distribution management systems make grids smarter

    By Alexander Punzenberger

    Alexander Punzenberger explains why every smart grid needs an effective distribution management system (DMS).

    How OEE monitoring enables real-time analysis of production processes

    By Thomas Feßl

    Thomas Feßl explores how monitoring and improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can have measurable benefits for a manufacturing operation.

    How energy data management supports sustainability

    By Christoph Dorigatti

    Christoph Dorigatti explains how energy data management systems (EDMS) are critical to complying with EU sustainability reporting requirements.

    ISPE Europe 2024: How modular automation can future-proof pharma

    By Giuseppe Menin

    COPA-DATA and Merck demonstrate how a Module Type Package (MTP)-based approach to automation can unlock flexibility in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Navigating global energy dynamics

    By Stefan Hufnagl

    Stefan Hufnagl explores the many complex factors that shape the dynamic and evolving global energy landscape.

    Digitalization for quality management in pharmaceutical production

    By Reinfried Kößlbacher

    Paper processes are over. Reinfried Kößlbacher, business development manager at COPA-DATA CEE argues for digitalization in pharmaceutical production.

    Setting the standard: MTP technology and its impact on the industry

    By Reinfried Kößlbacher

    Reinfried Kößlbacher explains the zenon MTP Suite and its implications for customized pharmaceutical manufacturing, regulatory compliance and international standards.

    Can technology save the planet?

    By Stefan Reuther

    Stefan Reuther reflects on the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual conference — what change is required to achieve the twin transition?

    From oil to sunshine: battery energy storage lights the way

    By Khalid Qarooni

    The Middle East is transitioning towards renewable energy. To bridge the gap between intermittent renewable energy generation and continuous electricity demand, BESS offer a compelling solution.

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